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Amparo Doņate

Amparo Doņate

Inside murmur

You have a strong personality. You are sophisticated, elegant, modern and feminine. You're looking for quality, design, something exclusive, original and different... or, like us, you're a bit of it all at once ... you're murmur.

At murmur, we make our jewels with you in mind. The designs are exclusively ours and we select only the finest materials and manufacture them one by one. The metals used, mainly silver, gold and brass, are carved, cast, sanded, welded and polished.

Because we believe a jewel is more than a simple product, we work without stock and manufacture every piece by hand after each order. Each piece is looked after carefully and none of them leaves our workshop without having been through a comprehensive quality check. Each piece is then packed in one of our signature boxes and shipped by us in a personalized manner.

This way, we make sure that the jewel you buy is not only perfect but also truly made for you.

We also want our relationship not to be limited to a commercial transaction so we'll always make sure you can get in touch with us, either by visiting our website or our blog, following us on Twitter and Facebook or contacting directly by email or phone with our designer, Amparo Doņate.

Amparo not only designs our jewels but also manufactures them and controls every stage of the process to achieve the perfection to which we aspire. To such an extent that no prototype gets into production mode and is sold without having first passed her 'crash test' of day-to-day life for a few weeks.

Her inspiration? The Mediterranean sea of her native Valencia, the streets of Madrid, Italian style and Japanese delicacy, nature, her passion for animals, architecture and everything she has collected in her luggage over the 10 years lived between London, Mexico, Paris and Brussels.